Why COLABS Enterprise is perfect for your company

The COLABS Enterprise is located inside the heart of Lahore; Gulberg. Both the flagship site and the new COLABS Enterprise constitute of the COLABS campus, making one of the largest workspaces in the city. Get the ease of access for your employees to get to work without a hassle!

With nearly 700 members and 100+ companies across multiple facilities in Lahore, COLABS is the fastest growing flexible workspace in the country. But what if we tell you we are expanding even further? COLABS Enterprise is the ultimate extension and expansion that COLABS has been envisioning for the past few months now. While the long-term plan has been expanding nationally to all major cities in Pakistan, we have planned to launch one more major establishment in Lahore before we hit the road. Introducing COLABS Enterprise – an extension to our Flagship site in Gulberg; the twin buildings will create a campus like feel, spread across 1 acre of prime real estate.The seed idea for creating an Enterprise building was implanted almost a year ago when a client company who had partnered with us for a coworking space, first asked for a bigger office for their ever-growing team. In the following months, they had taken up an entire building floor. This made us realize how massively COLABS was helping small companies grow – and how we want them to continue to grow with us. So, to build on our new campaign line ‘Work Made Better’, we not only introduced CoGrow – an initiative to accelerate startup growth via connections to investors, experts and incubators – but we brought COLABS Enterprise into ideation. This new branch would be focused on serving some of the biggest clients we have with their own customizable large offices, premium facility management and complete access control with high-end security.

Meeting your needs for a perfect match

For teams starting from 20 individuals, straight up to teams of 100 professionals, COLABS Enterprise is going to be purposefully built to cater to corporate clients with corporate needs. We are ambitious in catering to large enterprises and multinational corporations, because we have everything to offer which a working space should have but no one in the local market can offer – from designing the layout of your workspace to the branding of your office, it’s you who is in charge. You get to decide how to utilize your space, however large you may need it to be. You get to pick how many private offices or dedicated meeting spaces you require and the kind of work culture works best within your own workspace. And what’s better than your own office space with a team as involved in your success as you are? COLABS wants to push you upwards and take your enterprises to new heights. So, you don’t only get customizable offices, you get COLABS on your side!

The benefits of COLABS Enterprise:

Location, location, location!

The COLABS Enterprise is located inside the heart of Lahore; Gulberg. Both the flagship site and the new COLABS Enterprise constitute of the COLABS campus, making one of the largest workspaces in the city. Get the ease of access for your employees to get to work without a hassle! We have picked our location with careful thought, making sure most important amenities for a workspace are close by. In short, if you need a tech-enabled workspace with top-of-the-line facility management and get a central office address on top of that, COLABS Enterprise is a prime choice for your company.

Intelligent Workspace Planning

COLABS is known for intelligently designing productive workspaces to help employees produce their best work. Promoting collaboration, creativity and a focused workspace is essential for COLABS and its state-of-the-art large offices. We know that a large office space doesn’t automatically and necessarily mean more comfortable or spacious offices, and that there needs to be a proper utilization of each corner to meet the needs of large enterprises. From amenities and furniture to recreational/social spaces and dedicated meeting rooms – it all depends on an intelligent floor plan. COLABS Enterprise not only gives you room to grow, but it considers everything large teams need to stay productive: ease of access, open spaces, clutter-free environment, recreational areas, variety of seating options and quiet focused areas. We are designing each aspect of this structure to meet the demands of bigger teams and of sizeable work.


Infrastructure means a lot of different things for a workspace, and COLABS Enterprise is taking care of all of them. Internet connection and its’ stability on a massive scale is fully ensured for your new offices, and we make sure that the quality and reliability of every service we provide is consistent, uninterrupted, and ideal. From postal services and telephone conditions to a rider service – COLABS has it all and we are constantly expanding our services to cater to your teams.


The stylistics and aesthetics are often pulled under the rug for offices, but COLABS believes style and design of the large offices are equally important as the other above-mentioned factors. COLABS Enterprise will help you with your brand management and brand image, treating your own customizable offices as perfect branding tools. We push you to design your offices in such a way that when you are posting interior images of your office on social media and website, you feel proud of the space you have curated. We prioritize colour and the role it can play on the atmosphere of the office, we make sure to factor in light to work for you whether it is natural or fluorescent lighting. Moreover, including natural elements like concrete, brick, steel, and plants are always a great idea to boost productivity at workspaces. Using different materials, textures, art, and light into a large office is probably the best decision you will make for your large teams.

I am interested! How does it work?

Currently, we are adding serious potential clients to the waiting list of our Enterprise Facility. With such high demands, limited seats and the new building already half sold, we want you to apply to the list to be part of a grand sought-after community that inspires each other for greatness and success in all forms.

We are selecting final clients by the end of September, and for offices to be move-in ready by end of the year; 2021. Join the Enterprise waiting list though this form to get yourself situated at a perfect place for your large-scale operations to work. We will get back to you with a proposal and options in a week. You can view our products, facilities, and amenities in detail at www.colabs.pk. For further details you can write to us at sales@colabs.pk. See you on the flip side!